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Power Resistors

Power Resistors

Our company is well-known for the production of hight quality Shunts. Due to our sophisticated technology and the latest production procedures, we are able to meet nearly all of our costumers' demands and requirements.

Regular Winding

Tightly coiled, oxidised constantan wire. The oxide coating serves as insulator, which makes these resistors also suitable for high voltage.

Gap Winding

The gaps between the coils of the wire qualify these resistors to deal with pulsating currents specifically. The resistors are cemented to keep the wire from moving and changing gap spacing. Resistor values can be inquired separately.

Cross Winding

Cross winding resistors are suitable if inductance-less resistors are required for a specific purpose. Resistor values can be inquired separately.

Handle/ Cover

FBK wide end plate

FSK narrow end plate

With cover